What is Right Size™ Furniture?


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What is Right-Size™ Furniture?

Simply put, it is furniture that you can sit comfortably on, but will not overpower you, or your room. Your feet will rest easily on the floor and your back will have ample, comfortable support.

Del-Teet is the only furniture store in the greater Seattle area where you can find Right-Size™ furniture that’s just right for you!

How Small is “Right-Size” Furniture?

Average sizes for all seating pieces are: front to back is 33”-36”: seat depth from front of sofa to the back pillow is 20”-22”: height of seat cushion from the floor is 18”.

As the furniture industry does not yet produce quality furniture in this scale, a majority of our small scaled furniture is made just for Del-Teet. If you need furniture in a special size it can be specially ordered; or choose from our wide selection for immediate delivery.